Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I won't post a picture of my feet, but trust me on their manatee-like state.  BP is getting closer to my-almost-normal, which bought me a few days.  Dr. Fabulous told me that he's not going to insist that I come in tomorrow, but that he'd like to have Ralphy out by the end of the week.

So, we go in on Friday.  Pray for us?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another car seat article

Great, easy to understand, not too preachy article on carseat safety. :)

EDIT: Except that some of the comments are downright wrong. Got questions? Ask away.

What is this, Mama?  Turn me back around!
For the record, C is almost 20 months old, 23-ish pounds, and 31 inches tall.  Age and weight-wise, she's legal to turn front facing.  If I were interested, I'd check the manual on her Marathon and see if she's tall enough, but I think she's right at the borderline.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Plan? HA!

OB visit yesterday. None of the progress that I want, only the progress that I don't want.

I'm mayyyybe one cm dialated, and he said I was 50% effaced, but it was after seeing the disappointment on my face, so I suspect that was a gimme.

On the flip side, my blood pressure is creeping up, the edema is rapidly spreading up my body, and I can't go on bedrest with a toddler. I get way more "rest" at work than I do at home.

Ugh. God's plan. It's better than mine, right? RIGHT?

Friday, April 16, 2010

In case you're interested...

I'm pretty sure that Little Sister dropped on Tuesday evening and is now engaged. I felt something odd, and she's still wiggly, but is a couple of inches lower and not doing somersaults anymore.

Out of curiosity, yesterday, I wrote down contractions and length and they were pretty regularly 10-11 minutes apart and 2-3 minutes in length.

Husband thought I was going to go into labor last night because we had a cold front coming in and storms predicted for the whole weekend. As of yet, I have (obviously) not. Besides, I have a garage sale PLANNED for tomorrow. As long as it stops raining. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


not "I'm having a baby" progress... but "we're getting the house in order" progress. :)

We have a garage sale planned for this weekend (assuming, of course, that Ralphy stays put and it doesn't rain). If you're in the area, come by and buy my crap treasures. Once we get these treasures sold and space cleared out, we can get the computer/manly stuff out of Callie's Big Girl Room and her stuff moved in.

(getting ready for the garage sale also inspired me to clean out not just one or two closets, but ALL SIX, and the attic.)

If Ralphy decides not to cooperate, well, Wes can pull the cradle down from the attic and we can pick up some diapers on the way home from the hospital. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm not ready

Contrary to all the free time that I SHOULD have (you know, not blogging and all), I have not done one thing to rearrange life for this Girl growing in my belly.
I'm full term TOMORROW.
I have the next 7 weekends booked up.
She's going to have to come during the week or something else is going to have to get shoved to the side.

Anyone want to come move my toddler from the nursery to the toddler room (currently the computer/TV/manly things room) and clean out a closet or 4 for me? Wash up a mess of pink and purple very small clothes? Research, buy, and prepare a few newborn diaper covers to go with my nifty slighly used newborn sized prefold cloth diapers? Bring the cradle down from teh attic, wipe off, and install appropiate sheets?

Avoid the rush. Sign up in the comment section. :)