Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weight Gain

is a good thing, in the Tiny Toddler's case. 

She's still in some 12 mo clothes (and a few 18 month) and, since her pants tend to just fall off (even with the adjustable waistbands cinched all the way up), she's wearing a lot of dresses with tights, but...

BUT!  We went to the pediatrician this morning to check out an excess of snot and she's gained a little over a pound and a half in the last two months and...

AND!  She's broken 20 pounds - her official (fully clothed) weight was 20 pounds, 7 ounces.

I'll take it.  This is the second two month stretch in a row that she's gained over a pound and a half.  At this rate, we might make it back onto the growth charts by her birthday.  :)

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mz said...

A sweet petite!