Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Mostly because I don't want to forget this.


In the car the other morning, my 3YO asked for "the magic see" song. When I was confused, she elaborated: "on the singing music. with the clapping".

After frantically inserting and ejecting every CD I had in the car, listening to the first few bars of each song to jog my memory, I got the right song, and maybe three bars in, she exclaimed "That IT! The Magic See SONG!" It turns out, on a CD of VBS music from 3 years ago (I don't even know when she heard it), the 4th song has a line in the middle about "majesty". And there is clapping at the end.


My 3YO prays chatty prayers while running and jumping and fidgeting and playing hand games.  She has no patience for recited prayers, other than the Lord's Prayer at bedtime (which she asks for over and over and again and again.  I bet we pray the Lord's Prayer 15 times in a row every night.).  She prays for the kitten that she saw and for those kids that the firemen were going to save "yesterday"* and for all the people that love her and for the caterpillar and for the weatherman to say that it will be sunny tomorrow and thank you, God, for bubbles and cousins and chocolate chip cookies. 
My 20MO sits stone still, with her hands folded, until the last two or three words of the prayer (or Creed or whatever), then raises her big blue eyes and solomnly says "A-mem".

*by "yesterday", she means pretty much any time in the past.  It might have been 5 minutes ago or 5 months ago.  There's really no telling.


Gauntlets said...

<3 Dear, darling babies.

MooreMama said...

They are, aren't they?