Friday, August 12, 2011

A Very Small Worry

Long story short, my younger daughter was very happily hanging out in the upper half of the growth charts through her four month well baby check.  At her six month check, she'd started sliding (41% - height, 32% - weight).  No worries, her sister did the same thing.  But by her nine month check, she'd slid to -1% height and 11% - weight.  Still okay.  At her twelve month check, she was at 3% - height and 7% - weight.  Our pediatrician asked for a 15 month well baby visit to check her growth.

In the last nine months, my fifteen-month-old has grown 3 inches and gained 3 lbs., 4 ozs, which puts her in the 8% - height and -1% - weight.  She's been wearing the same clothes for well over half her life.

We've done bloodwork.  We've done more bloodwork.  We have still more bloodwork scheduled for next week.

So far, they've found a high number of atypical lymphocites, which points to the probability of a long term viral something, and slightly elevated tsh, which could mean a thyroid something.  We're re-running the CBC to check the lymphocytes and doing a thyroid panel next week.
Other than that, her chemistries are normal.  Her platelets are fine.  Her iron is fine.  They did a respiratory study, which came back fine.  The front-runners in the viral arena are CMV and Epstein-Barr Virus - she tested negative for both of them.

The Pediatrician doesn't think it's related to her heart at all.  He listed off 5 or 6 things that we would have seen that we haven't, so....

I'm loading her up with Pediasure, avacados, and butter/whipped cream/olive oil every chance I get.  What say you, blog readers?


Lori said...

Hi there....I'm a holistic health counselor. Glad the worry is small...hope it goes away soon. Whole foods are great. Along with what you are doing, maybe a little coconut oil? It's a medium chain fatty acid, good for lots of things. You can use it to saute fish, cooked sweet potatoes, some vegetables. Make sure you stay away from processed foods, this little charmer needs all that nature has to offer and zero from the food industry. Also, I'd read the book Vaccine Epidemic and make sure you hold off/eliminate any interference in her existing immune function. Babies are given so many vaccines nowadays....and many for diseases we no longer have around. Good luck. Don't forget all the mom hugs...and take good care of yourself, too.

MooreMama said...

Lori - thanks for the feedback! I haven't tried coconut oil, but will check my local stores.
We do minimal processed foods at home (though we do have the occasional chicken nugget) but my babysitter is of the generation that found wonder at boxed .. whatever. Lots of processed food going on over there, so I just try to make up for it as much as I can at dinner and on the weekends.

We also delay/selectively vaccinate. She gets no more than two at a time, no closer than 3 months, and we've completely declined some like varicella and any flu shots. She was supposed to get the MMR at her 18 mo appt, but it's on hold until we get some more concrete answers. It's not high on my radar anyway, mostly because I've had the thing 3 times, it hurts, and I'm still not immune to measles or rubella. My husband is worried, though, because we have reports of cases of both in our area.

Also - thanks for the reminder on fish! We're landlocked (Oklahoma), so good fish is harder to come by (I don't know how much I'd trust non-frozen fish around here!) but that would be a pretty good thing to start working into the rotation.

mz said...

Have you ever heard of something called Nutrition Response Testing? It's also known as muscle testing, sometimes applied kinesiology. Our doctor does it and it can identify (non-invasively) food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and which organs are not functioning properly. Possible thyroid involvement for your LO is what is sticking out to me. Many times the blood tests come back in the normal range, but the thyroid may still need other supplementation in order to function properly. Shoot me an email at mjz824 at sbcglobal dot net if you'd like more info. I tried looking you up on Facebook but couldn't find you. You should be able to find me using that email addy. I pray for health and healing for your sweet baby.

PS - I liked Lori's advice too. Have you ever read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? Also, if coconut oil is hard to get down your LO, coconut milk, yogurt and ice cream also contain the MCFAs. The kids and I are dairy free here, so we like those as treats when I go to the health food store.