Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When my youngest sister was getting married, I was about eleven months pregnant with Callie, and needed some bronze, gold, or brown pretty shoes to wear with my super pretty bridesmaid's dress.  In the store, I drooled over a bronze strappy pair, but knew that I'd have to buy them two sizes bigger than my normal and they would look decidedly un-fabulous when my feettops swelled through the delicate straps.  I bought a pair of more sensible muffin pan type shoes, but never forgot the bronze lovlies.

On Sunday, I went to the mall to exchange a pair of pants and Dillard's had their shoes out in the walkway, on clearance.  The bronze lovelies were there, clearanced down to $14.99.  One pair left, size 7 1/2.  Yes, they're now on my unswollen feet.

pretend they're bronze, not silver, okay?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Struggle of Faith

Because it's not exactly a crisis, yet.  Or maybe it is.

Once upon a time, at a bible study long long ago, the subject of babies came up, as it usually will when various women of various ages come together.  I think I mentioned that I was on the Pill, and someone asked if I believed that God had a Plan for me, and did I trust that it was better than mine.  Then, she dared me to prove it.  And my journey to CSPP began, though I didn't know what it was called at the time.

Fast Forward 5-ish years, 3 pregnancies, one miscarriage, and two bouncing babies later.  My husband is concerned about what might happen in a few months when my cycles return.  We have a financial plan - and it requires us cutting the household budget and funding a debt snowball by having me work full time for another couple of years.  On his income, we can pay the necessities (house payment, utilities, food, etc) but not the medical bills, car payments, and other debt that we worked so hard at racking up until a few years ago.  After a couple of years of working this plan (slowed considerably by our new and improved double daycare bill), I can stay home with the current two babies and whatever other ones come after that...

It seems that the "responsible" thing to do would involve a visit to the friendly neighborhood OB and thumbing our collective noses at God and his divine plan. 

I feel torn between being a good, obedient, trusting child of God and a good, faithful, submissive wife to my husband.

(sigh)  Pray for us, because we are poor, miserable sinners.  Scum, actually.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A real live negotiation with a 2 year old

Toddler:  Mama.  Book.  Read.

Mama:  Okay, go pick one out.

Toddler (holding up one pudgy little toddler finger):  One!

Mama:  Yes, baby, pick out one book.

Toddler (holding up both hands, fingers spread):  FOUR!!!

Mama:  (sigh)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My kid had a birthday

and I'll blog about it later.  :P

Some friends also came to visit.

and I'll blog about it later.  :P

and some other stuff.