Friday, August 29, 2008

(a little bit) Moore progress

ha, ha. Come on, you know you want to laugh with me on that one... ;)

According to the brilliant and fabulous Dr. K yesterday, we (I) am 2 cm dialated, at -1 station (whatever that means), and (still) 50% effaced.

He also said that if I were interested in induction, (at this point, I'm not) I could pick any day between September 7th (a Sunday) and September 24th. He will not let me go past the 24th - his words: "If you don't have a baby before the 24th, you're having a baby on the 24th."

We'll be taking Lucy on some long walks this weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so.... according to ...well... everyone, I should be full on nesting at this point. Except that I'm just TIRED. That's it. I could take a morning nap, an afternoon nap, still be ready for bed at 9:30, and not ready to get up by 7:00. I'm sure that it has something to do with carrying around the 17 lb baby, who, by the way, is going to come out of my knees if she drops any more. But, seriously, I have STUFF TO DO before she gets here. I'm really having a hard time with the fact that I can't even sweep the kitchen floor without getting completely wiped out.
--ok, whine over.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So, it's a pattern

I feel crummy in the morning - kinda like it's taking me a re-e-e-eal long time to wake up. Probably because I've laid awake from about 2 until about 4 in the morning. (By laid awake, I mean laying in the bed really still because my wonderful Husband also wakes up every time that I move.)

Then, I feel okay for a little while in the early afternoon. By late afternoon, I'm hungry and cranky and tired again.

BUT - I've been feeling really really good in the evenings. Pleasant and happy and energetic and everything. Maybe I'm just saving up the good stuff for the times when I'm around my Sweetest.
(and I DO still have the cankles and feettops, thankyouforasking. In fact, I think that they've morphed into PermaCanklesandFeettops. Good thing that the aforementioned Husband also thinks I'm cute from the knees up!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I feel icky today

and that about sums it up. I have a headache and heartburn. I don't think that I slept well last night, and I feel the need to stretch my back, but can't do it comfortably. My feet are swollen and hot. My joints are achey. My skin is stretched. I'm cranky. And, I'm tired.

In a conversation with Husband yesterday, we discussed the possibility that when I feel my belly tighten, it may actually be contractions. I've been feeling that for a month or more, but haven't paid all that much attention to it because they don't hurt. (and contractions HURT, right?) Well, last night, we decided to pay attention to them - you know, just for giggles. Imagine our panic when we had three in a row that each lasted about a minute and a half and were about six minutes apart! But then they stopped.

I think that maybe part of the notsogood sleep last night. I'm NOT READY for this baby to come out yet. I mean, if she does, we'll be fine, but there's still a lot of stuff I want to do. Like clean.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here's a First....

It's a little after 8 am. All I've had this morning is a glass of milk and a little bit of water. And I have heartburn. How do you get heartburn from MILK? Sheesh. And I laughed when my (much much wiser) Better Half bought the Giganto-Sized bottle of Tums at Sams about a month ago. Does this particular pregnancy symptom magically go away when the baby's born? All of the freezeable meals that I know how to make include tomatoes....

Saturday, August 16, 2008


No pictures on this one. (you can thank me in a minute.)
We had an appointment on Thursday (35w, 1d) which was not only the first non-ultrasound appointment, it was the first internal exam appointment. (next one's at 38-ish weeks, if we make it that long.)
Anyway, he told us that I am (drumroll, please!) 50% effaced, beginning to dialate, and Baby's head is engaged. He also assumed that I've been contracting, but if I am, I'm not recognising it. I was really afraid that I'd be hanging out at 40 weeks with no signs of impending labor. Especially given my OB's policy of not letting anyone (especially "high risk" patients) go over 41 weeks. And, while maybe it wouldn't be the end of the world, I'd kinda like to see what I can do without the benefit of Poticin.
Blood pressure is inching up, but still acceptable. The feettops are still a concern, but, on their own, not a gigantic one. Nevertheless, he "suggested" that I go on ahead and start my maternity leave in a week or so. Whoo-Hoo!

She's going to be jealous....

....just when all is right in Beagle-land, we're going to have to throw some competition for attention into the mix... Lucy's been our "baby" for right at two years now, and has only really had to compete with the cat. We're not sure how she's going to handle the new baby. Well, all those times that we've offered to "babysit" our favorite niece/goddaughter - it's really been training for the dog (almost) as much as it's been quality time with the baby.... :D
I'm kidding, KIDDING!

Main Competition?
Quality Time or Puppy Training?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

(sing with me, now!) ju-u-ust the two of us....

The BabyDaddy and me on Memorial Day

And at the base of Sandia Crest at the beginning of July

And at my littlest sister's wedding August 9th.


Ugh. I know, I know - if this is the worst thing that happens this entire pregnancy, I'm really doing okay. BUT. My feet and ankles have become unrecogniseable. The picture to the right was after a couple of hours of being on them. By the end of the night, I felt like I was going to have to mutilate them to the tune of Cinderella's step-sisters trying to fit them into the glass slippers.... but, by golly, I was GOING to wear real shoes. And I did.

... well, you can't see them, but I did wear real shoes. Most of the night. In between "rests"...

... and on the rests, I kept them up-ish, with ice. And sometimes, my sisters would stop by and rub them for me.