Saturday, July 31, 2010


To Whom It May Concern -

Yes, it is my goal to be the best mom I can be, and I will not apologize for it.  I assume that your* goal is/was to be the best parent that you can be as well.  I stand by most of the parenting decisions that my husband and I have made, but I do not think that yours are any less valid than mine, just because they are different. 

Of course, if you think that there is something that I have overlooked or could do better, I invite you to share those thoughts with me.  However, if your reasoning is that whatever I'm doing is "wierd" or "not what they did 20, 30 or whatever years ago" and you don't have any more concrete reasoning than that to back it up with. I'm probably going to disregard it.  In fact, I reserve the right to disregard any suggestions/advice/whatever without further discussion with anyone, including you. 

You* have/had your own children (or not) and are/were entitled to parent them the best way that you see fit.  In turn, these two little girls are the Wonderful Husband's and mine, and we get to parent them the best way that we see fit.  Which means - we outrank every single other person on the planet when it comes to Callie and Katie.  Even you.

Love and kisses,

*general you, of course, because this wouldn't be directed at any one person in particular, would it?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I feel...

...snarktastic today.  Just thought I'd share.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Going back to work


just smile and nod, -  let's not repeat this, again, okay?  The Wonderful Husband and I have got a Plan, and assuming God doesn't use us to demonstrate His sense of humor again, I'll be home soon enough.

On the plus side, pumping hasn't been a problem.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Week in Facebook Status Updates

MooreMama  thinks that I'll go and visit my friend that is two states away.  Tomorrow.  With an infant and a toddler, but otherwise by myself.
Monday 2:34 pm

MooreMama  is on the road.  This isn't so bad.  :)
Tuesday  10:56 am

MooreMama  just realised that I'm going to have to stop somewhere on this road trip.  Maybe I should pray for protection from the creepies.
Tuesday  10:59 am

MooreMama  's babies want out of their carseats.  I really should have stopped at that last travel stop and gotten them some lunch.
Tuesday  12:34 pm

MooreMama  is thanking God for the gaggle of  Mennonite women on a playdate at the McDonald's.  I was debating whether to go thirsty, carry both babies back in to the other part of the resteraunt, or take my eyes off of the Toddler long enough to go... one of the Mennonite ladies saw my delima and offered to go get my drink for me.  :)
Tuesday  1:40 pm

MooreMama  is happy that her daughter took so well to the Gauntlet children and parents.  And is even happier that the Toddler fell (almost) right asleep in a strange bed in a strange house. 
Tuesday  8:22 pm

MooreMama  enjoyed conversating with Mr. and Mrs. Gauntlets.  :)  And wishes that our towns were closer so it could be a more frequent happening.
Tuesday  11:31 pm

MooreMama  is on her way to the park with my friend and her children.  The Toddler is very much wishing that the train tracks would be beside the highway for the entire trip.  "Train!  Train!"
Wednesday  8:07 am

MooreMama  really likes those Gauntlets.  Toddler agrees.  She wanted to go home with them.  "Bye, bye, Mama!"
Wednesday  10:48 am
MooreMama  's girls were both asleep befor we got to the Interstate.  :)
Wednesday  11:06 am

MooreMama  's girls think that this trip should be ending about now.  And whoever designed the travel station restroom with the hand dryers right next to the baby changing station was obviously not the mother of small children.
Wednesday  4:49 pm

MooreMama  and her girls are home, safe and sound and hungry and tired and happy.
Wednesday  6:33 pm

MooreMama  's girls are making up for the disruption of their schedules.  The Toddler is on her second very long nap of the day and the Newbie has been nursing every two hours and sleeping most of the time in between.
Thursday  4:16 pm