Friday, December 4, 2009

Cash Caywood, miracle boy

I've touched on this situation here before, but not gone into much detail. I'm laying it out to you now because he's at a crucial part of his fight.

Cash is my friend, Stacie's, son. He's 6 weeks younger than Callie, born Nov 1, 2008.

When he was 9 months old, she took him to the ER because he was extremely lethargic and running a fever. The on-call Ped told her that he was severely anemic because of a viral infection and that his white blood cell count was low because his body was fighting it off. They discharged her from the hospital a couple of days later and she scheduled a follow up appt with her regular Dr on Tuesday.

When she was getting ready to bring him to town for his 330 appt, she changed his diaper and noticed a lump in his abdomen. At the appt, she asked about it and the Dr ordered an ultrasound, which revealed a "mass" on his kidney. They sent her to OU Children's in OKC, where they met with a team that evening. The MRI showed a large tumor, and they scheduled surgery for Thursday.

His initial diagnosis was Wilms Tumor. If a kid's going to get a pediatric cancer, Wilms is the type to have. It's highly curable and since standard protocol is to remove the kidney AND the tumor, it doesn't really come back.

They removed his left kidney and a baseball sized tumor. The surgeon remarked that it was the most vascular wilms tumor that he'd seen and commented that it was fairly aggressive which explained how quickly it had grown.

In the weeks to follow, they diagnosed Cash as actually having a mean cousin of the Wilms Tumor - he actually has Rhabdoid Tumors. There were spots on his lungs. And there was a quarter-sized tumor in his brain. Rhabdoid tumors are very rare, and it is even more rare to have Rhabdoid of the kidney AND Rhabdoid of the brain. They don't have a set protocol for patients that have both, but there is a team at Harvard that is developing chemo treatments for both. Until Cash, they hadn't done both.

For the last 3 1/2 months, Cash has been undergoing chemo, which has caused the spots on his lungs to commit cancer suicide and shrank the tumor in his brain to less than a dime size.

On Tuesday, they're going to operate and remove what's left of the tumor in his brain.

This little boy has beaten the odds - going from a 90% chance of survival to less than 20% to well over 50%, all in the span of a couple of months.

Please pray for him. Send happy vibes, hug your kids, throw your change in the little Ronald McDonald house bucket at McD's.

Specific prayer requests:
Dr. Gross (neurosurgeon) has asked us to pray for:
- her baby to sleep through the night the night before.
- God to guide her hands-that the tumor cooperates and comes out easy and doesn't stick to anything
- Cash's head will move correctly and she won't have problems getting his head into position to remove the tumor. (because his head is so small)

The surgery team:
- knowledge and guidance

- fast and easy recovery
- little to no pain
- no problems during the surgery
- no problems after the surgery
- complete removal of the tumor

The rest of the Caywoods:
- understanding for Haylie
- patience for Jason and Stacie
- Peace for the family
- Calmness before and during the surgery

Stacie has a CaringBridge page: Cash Caywood.

* All pictures in this post are from the private collection of Stacie Caywood, and all rights are reserved.

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