Friday, October 31, 2008

Begging for a miracle

My friend, Jenell, from my online miscarriage support group. Jenell's first baby was due the same time as my most recent loss. Makenna was stillborn in December at 23 weeks. Jenell is now 22 weeks pregnant with her "Miracle Twins". She's in the hospital now, fighting for them.

Please read her blog and keep her in your prayers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Callie's Very Busy Week

Callie has been Very Busy this last week....
Meeting her new cousin, Dale.

Hanging out with Daddy, Lucy, and Jack

Growing into the Very Colorful Sleeper that Aunt Sarah got us -
surely the beginning of a long line of polka dotted and striped brightly colored outfits.
Thanks, Aunt Sarah!

Getting Beauty Sleep (preferably in Mama's arms!)
Seems to work, she's more beautiful every day!

Smiling at her Mama!

Talking to Daddy

Helping Grandma Moore paint her kitchen cabinet doors

Friday, October 17, 2008

God's Own Child!

The Godparents have been picked and approved (even that Baptist one!). The aunts and uncles should all be in town. The day has been scheduled with the church.

We will have Callie baptised on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My BIG Girl, Part 2

We had our one month Pediatrician appointment yesterday.

My big girl weighs NINE POUNDS, plus a half an ounce (which puts her in the 50th percentile). She is 20 3/4 inches long, (45th percentile), and her head is 15 cm (80th percentile - all the better to hold her multitude of brains!).

For comparison's sake, at five days old, she was 6 lbs, 8 ozs (25th percentile), 19 inches, and her head was 14 1/4 cm (75th percentile).

Dr. S said that she was "among the best babies" that he'd seen "all day" and that, while he normally expects to see 2 lbs gained each month, he's not worrying about her over achievement at all - "it just means she's eating good." Go us!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My BIG Girl

I realized yesterday that my baby doesn't look like a newborn anymore, she looks like an infant. Her cheeks are filling out, her face looks more mature, and she's starting to get little pudgy arms and legs. She's smiling AT us, and I'm quite sure that it's not "just gas". She's reaching for, and grasping, things (usually the edge of my shirt) with her little hands. She's making eye contact. She's (knock on wood!) sleeping for longer stretches and on a sort of schedule.

And that worry about Lucy being jealous or not liking Callie? She's taken to sleeping on Callie's bedroom floor when Callie's napping.
(shameless pictures of the beautiful baby, sleeping on her "chicken sheets", and then the other baby, sleeping on the floor beside the crib)
And when Callie's on our bed? Lucy wants to be right there. We're working on a new command called "Too Close".

Callie was crying and Lucy was trying to make sure that she was all right. By licking her feet. Callie, like her Mama, isn't too sure about anyone licking her feet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Notes

Callie's birth announcement was in this past Sunday's paper. We were able to identify the baby that the hospital staff mixed Callie's cord blood with. (He has B+ blood, Callie's is O+, like her daddy. Mine is A-. You can imagine our confusion when they told us that HER blood was B+...) We also noticed that the girl that was on the other side of the curtain from us in the pre-check room and thought she was dying at 7:30 am didn't have her baby until 8:30 pm. Must have been a very long day for her!

We may have had our first round of gas yesterday. Poor baby would sleep for 30 minutes, wake up, want to eat, but only eat for 5-10 minutes, and then cry inconsolably for the next half hour. Made for a very long day. The Mylicon drops would work for a little bit, but not long enough. She's much better today, praise God. I don't like it when she cries and it's not because of her diaper or hunger. I want to be able to FIX IT. Today, she slept. And played contentedly in her crib. And slept some more.

And while my weight loss has sort of stalled, Callie's weight gain has been phenominal. She was 7 lbs, 2 ozs at 10 days old and is just a hair over 8 lbs today at 3 weeks! Yay for my big girl!

Daddy has been working a big side job for the last two weeks - leaving at 7:00 am and not getting home until midnight or later, and we miss him. But they should be finished tonight (late late late) and then he should have a good break before the next big project comes up. We've been making due with lunch dates, but it will be really nice to have him home in the evenings again.
Sister #3 is coming down from Omaha this weekend to meet her new niece, so all the Aunties will be in town, which promises to be very fun. I probably won't get a chance to hold my baby until Sunday evening. We are going to Leonardo's (a kind of kid's science museum) and having some general Girl Bonding.

I painted Callie's birds - something I've been meaning to do in her nursery since I got her bedding... a long time ago. I think that they're cute, but have the sneaking suspicion that they are a work in progress...
And - my friend, mentioned a few posts ago, has had some good prayers answered and is in a really good place right now. Actually, she's in a better place than I was 2 weeks out from either of my miscarriages. God is good. (and can He keep right on reminding us?)