Friday, October 30, 2009

"BLOG!" you say?

"NO!" I say! But I'll give you pictures. And a sort of story.
Last weekend, we had a caravan of sorts across the Great Midwest (aka the Very Boring Flatlands) to go and visit the "Lau" portion of the Laumooretskers. See, Sister Sarah is expecting, and no sister can be expecting without her sisters throwing her a Baby Shower. And, since Sister Sarah is the Queen of Surprises, we thought it might be fun to turn the tables on her a teeny tiny bit with a Surprise Sister Visit and a Surprise Baby Shower.

Callie *may* have helped herself to one or two of the presents.
She especially liked this newly crocheted green monkey, nicknamed "Kosher".

Ethan here is Sarah's friend Diana's little boy. Diana delivered Ethan in the room next door to where I was laboring with Callie. E is about an hour and a half older than C.

It really only took about 6 seconds to figure out the stairs.
Blanket and all. :)

Callie's first "linen napkin" restaurant. It was actually a place called Martinelli's in Salina, KS. If you're ever in the neighborhood, and want a family style Italian meal, I recommend it. (And they might have had real napkins, but the atmosphere was more like having the whole family around your aunt's table than it was fancy restaurant.)
Isn't she a helpful girl? She LOVES to put things in (and take things out of) the dryer.
That's about all I have. Gauntlets, does that count as a blog?