Saturday, September 19, 2009

My daughter likes sushi...

Well, California Rolls, to be specific. I love me some sticky rice. I love me some cucumber and avacado. I love me some nori (roasted seaweed). Roll it all up into a handy dandy portable(ish) self contained finger food and I am THERE. I'm glad that Callie likes them too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This week...

Cousin Haley came to stay with us while Avadelle and Brent went on a Grown Up Vacation. For the first ... half day ... two toddlers was about four times as hard as one, but then we got the routine all figured out and two toddlers became only about 1 1/2 times as hard as one. :) Uncle/Daddy Wes read Haley's favorite book (Counting Kisses, if you're wondering)
Two sweet girls in their matchy-matchies, playing with "the Door". "the Door" was Callie's birthday present from Mama and Daddy. It's awesome.
We (Haley) blew bubbles outside. Haley LOVES bubbles!

Callie picked flowers. :)

This was actually a couple weekends ago. Wes's cousin was a Homecoming candidate (and probably the only one EVER that really didn't want to win). She wants to be Band Queen instead and if she would have won Homecoming Queen, she wouldn't have been eligible.
Callie liked just about everything about the football game, except that it started right about bedtime. She was a great sport and loved the action on the field and danced when the band played.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One year ago...

September 10, 2008

I gave birth to the most perfect baby on the planet.

I knew that my life would change, but I had no idea how much or how wonderful it would be or how the sacrifices and heartache and the everything would be so worth it.

I'm a MAMA. I have a daughter. My husband and I have a daughter. She looks sometimes incredibly like me, and other times incredibly like her daddy, but she is definately her own little incredible self. She is, at once, independant and confident, yet absolutely trusting. She is so smart and so calm and has perfect balance. (musta gotten that from her Daddy)

I can't believe that it's already been a year, and yet I can't believe that I've only known her for a year. It blows my mind to know that I am capable of loving someone as much as I love her. It blows my mind to know that she loves me, she trusts me with that unshakable baby trust.

Those Episcopalians came up with some Communion Rules...

An electronic memo from my parents' priest, c/p below, for those Lutherans who are prone to pointing out the Episcopalians' lack of Communional Regulations:

I was finally able to track down the "rules" of Communion from John Denton in Memphis. As a Verger, he knows all. I will let you distribute this to the servers at your discretion. Now you won't be confused anymore

From the Rector: Communion Rules Clarified
I have noticed with growing alarm a growing state of confusion surrounding the distribution of Communion. As someone with a keen interest in the correct and proper procedures, let me take a few moments and explain exactly how things are supposed to be done.

All baptized persons are welcome to receive Holy Communion as long as they believe in the Real Presence of Christ as Risen Lord, Rabbinic Authority, Holy Spirit Person, or Great Ethical Teacher.

If you prefer to receive Communion under the conventional species of bread (St. Mary's Convent, Wahoo, Nebraska) and wine (Ernest and Julio Gallo Classic Port, California, 1994) please stand or kneel with your hands by your sides at the rail.
If the nitrates in the Port induce nasal congestion, a light Chablis (Sutter Home, 1993) or Zinfandel (Paul Masson, April) is offered depending on availability. Please indicate this preference by placing your right hand behind your head.

Two non-alcoholic options are also offered. For red grape juice (Tucker's Berry Farms), place your left hand behind your head.

If you prefer a white, pasteurized grape juice product, kindly place both hands behind your head.
To express solidarity with oppressed farm workers in the grape industry, place both hands tightly over your mouth and hum La Marseillaise.
To receive an ordinary, unleavened Communion wafer kindly wink your right eye as the minister approaches.
For a certified, organic, whole-grain wafer, wink your left eye.
For low-salt, low-fat bread, close both eyes for the remainder of the service.
For gluten-free bread, blink both eyes rapidly while looking at the ceiling.
Children may receive a blessed animal cracker by showing the Minster that they can cross their eyes.
Parents who are concerned about the violence implied in eating animal-shaped foods may join a support session that willtry to lobby the Church for change. It meets in the Parish Hall on Tuesday evening after the Anthony DeMello reading group.
Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue the distribution of Blessed Gummy Bears to the children after Billy Watson's recent diagnosis of ADD. We are sure everyone understands how traumatic it would be for him to receive his toasted rice cake while all the other children were chewing their Gummy Bears.

Next, a word on consumption of the host.
If it is your custom and preference to have the Precious Body placed in your hand, please cup them together in front of you. If you are expressing a wine preference, the minister will allow ample time to change postures.
If you feel uncomfortable holding the Lord in your hands, simply assume the baby bird position as the minister approaches.
Be sure not to extend your neck so far that the acolyte cannot see your eyelids by which you will express your bread preference.

Finally, for those with airborne allergies, you should know that the Associate Rector wears large amounts of Royal Copenhagen given to him by his mother at Christmas. The Rector may or may not be wearing cologne, but her mother has been known to wash her cassock in scented laundry detergent and dry it with a Downy sheet in the machine. The Deacon is wearing all-cotton garments washed in pure organic soap and rinsed with mountain spring water. She is wearing no scented products and scrubs her hands with antibacterial soap approved for use in neonatal intensive care nurseries.

It is our commitment to see that the worship experience will be as meaningful, efficient and error-free as possible. In this vein, an electronic billboard will soon be installed over the altar outlining these instructions. Please note that traditional options flash in blue and organic food options flash in orange for easy reference.

If someone has any additional questions about worship, please join me for coffee in the Parish Hall where I will be beginning a 32-week series entitled "Identifying 13th-Century Monastic Communities Through Hair and Garment Analysis."