Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're still here...

Last weekend, Callie took two steps. Three times. None of them were towards me.

And, she was napping when my sister and niece came by to visit. My sister said that when they left, Haley was real quiet. About a block down the road, she looked in the rear view mirror and Haley had a sad face, so she asked what was wrong. "My LOVES Cal-Bob." We're going to have to make it more of a point to schedule better.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Friend James...

...was granted Perfect Healing a few hours ago.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

40 Weeks

My daughter is 40 weeks old today. She was born at 39 weeks' gestation. So, she's been out for longer than she was in.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

RIP Jack (4/1/96-6/15/09)

(above and below) Jack, Spring '08
(above and below) Jack, today
My sweet (ha!) cat has lost an alarming amount of weight in the last year. In fact, he's gone from a lifetime high of 16+ pounds about 4 years ago to less than 8 today.
In April, at his annual check up, the vet told me that he either had advanced diabetes or was in kidney failure and that it would cost around $1,000+ to diagnose him, another $1,000+ to treat him, and it would involve (best case scenerio) a couple of shots a day, which might buy him (again, best case scenerio) another year.
We decided to let him live out the rest of whatever life he had with as much dignity as we could and that whenever he seemed to be uncomfortable, we'd make that decision then.
This morning, Wes told me that he had been up for two seizures that Jack had in the night and that it was time for me to make that decision.
So, this afternoon, Jack and I went to visit a member of our church that happens to be a veterenarian, specializing in the feline persuasion. She cleared out the office for me and we took a long, slow time of it, and I was able to hold my longest and most faithful of companions while he took his last breath.

I'll miss him coming out from his cave under Callie's crib to pet himself on my foot tonight during our 3 am nursing.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Official Nine Month Picture

Late Again...

A Girl and Her Dog
Callie turned nine months old on Wednesday. We also had her 9 Mo Well Baby Visit (No Shots) on Wednesday. Dr S says that she's doing great and he predicts that she will walk into her 12 Mo Visit and that she will not have any teeth. Apparently, they're not even close to coming in.
Our girl is crawling all over the place, pulling up on anything (see the picture above. she was not posed), eating whatever we want to give her, and not complaining about much.
She's starting to try out some consenants, but more in the "mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa" style of babbling than in the "ba-ba-ba-ma-ma-ma-da-da-da" style. We're working on babysigns for milk, mama, daddy, more, and all done.
She's not sleeping through the night. Yesterday, I would have written that she's up every three hours pretty consistantly, but last night, she had a 5 hour stretch, a 4 hour stretch, and a 2 hour stretch.
She's so calm and good natured and happy, and we are so greatful!
And, for giggles, her stats are:
Length: 26" (30th%)
Weight: 17 lbs (30th%)
Up until this visit, she's been hanging out on the 50/50 growth curve, but the Dr's not worried at all.

What we did last weekend...

Our home away from home.
We shared the cabin with my sister, her husband, and their daughter.
My dad's brother and sisters and the cousins that could make it all met up at Lake Murray in southern Oklahoma. We ate a lot of food and did a lot of catching up. Great fun!

Callie did great and got to try pancakes with mixed berries on top.

My brother in law, Mike, representing OU - Uncle Jimmy, representing Texas - Brother in law, Chuck, representing Oklahoma State.
(Notice that no one was willing to wear the Nebraska hat... :P)

This little "wagon" is going to get lots of use. I admit, I was a little dubious, but the girls LOVED it!

Judah, Manon, Ezra, Haley, Henna, and Callie
Six out of eight of AG and Hannalou Smith's great-grandkids!
(I wanted to draw a stick figure Finn and a stick figure Courtney into the picture, but someone said that would be tacky)

My Dad and his brother and sisters with the great grandkids! It was sort of like a circus...
Ezra is 3 days older than Callie and his mom had this nifty carrier that I tried out. Callie didn't really like being on my back and Ezra wasn't as fond of being on the front, but this way, they were both happy!
Callie and my Uncle Doug...
Besides, anyplace is okay if one can nap....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Musical Genius

Check out the concentration!

Deserving of it's Own Post

Is how much Callie loves her Daddy.
My two favorite people on the planet, and they are all ooey-gooey over each other.

Good Thing We Caught Her Before She Learned How To Be Scared!

I'm just chillin', here in my Handy Dandy Baby Boat, with my Mama...

See me? Soooooo relaxed!
What? This blue rug thingie is a little bit wobbly, but I can crawl all over it just fine. What's that over there, Aunt Roader?
Hard work, it is, being this freakin' cute. Pull my hat down a little, wouldya, Mama?
Sun's in my eyes.